OSHA Warns of Retaliation in Safety’s clothing.

By | Apr 18, 2012

Section 4(h) of the buy cialis Illinois Workers Compensation Act forbids retaliation against employees who report workplace injuries.  So does the www.saposyprincesas.com/buy-generic-viagra-online/ public policy of the State of Illinois. And, so does Section 11(c) of the Occupational Safety & Health Act.   A recent OSHA bulletin warns that this retaliation often comes disguised as “safety policies” such as the best price viagra following:

1.  Routinely disciplining every employee who has an accident

2.   Charging the injured employee with violating a minor safety rule, or failing to follow exact company procedures for reporting an    accident

3.  Handing out individual or department bonuses for remaining “accident-free”, thereby discouraging workers from reporting their injuries.

Sound familiar?  Injured workers in Illinois face all of these tactics on a daily basis.  Remember: any one of these policies can be considered unlawful “retaliation” against an injured worker.   Reporting a workplace injury right away – and consulting an experienced attorney – are the first steps towards defending your rights.

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