OSHA Warns of Retaliation in Safety’s clothing.

By | Apr 18, 2012

Section 4(h) of the Illinois Workers Compensation Act forbids retaliation against employees who report workplace injuries.  So does the public policy of the State of Illinois. And, so does Section 11(c) of the Occupational Safety & Health Act.   A recent OSHA bulletin warns that this retaliation often comes disguised as “safety policies” such as the following:

1.  Routinely disciplining every employee who has an accident

2.   Charging the injured employee with violating a minor safety rule, or failing to follow exact company procedures for reporting an    accident

3.  Handing out individual or department bonuses for remaining “accident-free”, thereby discouraging workers from reporting their injuries.

Sound familiar?  Injured workers in Illinois face all of these tactics on a daily basis.  Remember: any one of these policies can be considered unlawful “retaliation” against an injured worker.   Reporting a workplace injury right away – and consulting an experienced attorney – are the first steps towards defending your rights.

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