70 Ironworkers walk off Exxon Mobil job site in protest of wage theft and unsafe working conditions

By | Jul 11, 2012

After repeated complaints of unsafe working conditions went unheeded…70 Ironworkers known as “rodbusters” walked off an Exxon job site in protest. These workers had no union, and weren’t backed by any powerful groups reports Kim Krisberg. They were just sick and tired of not having their wages paid on time and having little water available for them on the job site, among other complaints.

Texas has more worker fatalities than any other state in the union…and guess which state was just rated by CEO’s the #1 place in America to do business? Yep, the Lone Star state. It must be easy to line the pockets of CEO’s, like Exxon’s Rex Tillerson with annual pay packages over $25,000,000.00, when you contribute a bare minimum to worker safety, worker wages, or worker benefits.

If you have had an employer not pay your wages, not provide proper safety precautions, or withhold benefits, please call EEA at 312- 226-2650.

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