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Ian J. Elfenbaum

ianIan Elfenbaum has represented injured workers in Illinois since 1988. As the managing partner of Elfenbaum Evers & Amarilio, P.C., Ian has built a firm that is trusted by Chicago area workers, unions and their members to win quality medical care and compensation for workplace injuries, including the most catastrophic. Ian is known for his expertise in the interplay between collective bargaining agreements, employment law and workers’ compensation. He has also won landmark decisions in the areas of vocational rehabilitation and permanent total disability. Ian is a frequent guest speaker at gatherings of industrial, service, transport and utility workers. He is on the board of CACOSH, a Chicago-area workplace safety advocacy group and he is active in a variety of community organizations. Ian has lectured on workers’ compensation and labor law to other practicing attorneys and at Northwestern and UIC.Ian is the firm’s managing partner and the father of four children.