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Why Choose Us?

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While there are thousands of lawyers in Illinois representing the Movers and Shakers, we represent the Moved and Shaken. We have devoted our careers to protecting and promoting the physical safety and economic security of workers and their families in Illinois.

Under the current system, employers and insurance companies have the upper hand.  Every day, we see employers violating workers’ rights, improperly denying medical care and income protection benefits.  Absurd legal technicalities and procedures create endless delays. When this happens, working families suffer enormously . . . yet year after year, insurance company profits soar to obscene levels.

We use the law to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable. We believe workers and families matter more than record profits and fat-cat CEO salaries.  Elfenbaum Evers & Amarilio has a proven track record of leveling the playing field.  We fight back very effectively. We help every injured worker we represent get the very best medical care available and the maximum financial compensation for his or her injuries, even in the most complex and difficult cases.

Finally, we support Organized Labor, and make no bones about it.  Why?

  • Strong unions give wage earners a voice.
  • Strong unions offer wage earners control over their healthcare and standard of living.
  • Strong unions help the whole economy, because well-paid workers are the best customers in America!

We work hard to balance our idealism with smart, hard-nosed lawyering.You don’t have to fight alone!