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Michael J. Evers: June 21, 1956 to September 11, 2011

Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.

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We lost a member of our family on September 11, 2011.After a long struggle following his motorcycle accident on August 4, 2011, Mike passed in his sleep early on September 11, 2011.His wishes were to be cremated then buried near the Haymarket monument. Mike was laid to rest there on September 16, 2011.We received countless emails cards and phone calls from lawyers and friends. Mike made a huge impact on everyone he came in contact with,  we were all better to have known him and worked with him and for those of you on the defense side, against him.Over the years, lawyers complained about Mike’s aggressive nature and confrontational style. Never an ethics complaint, never an unfairness complaint,  just THIS GUY IS OUT WORKING ME complaints. In the end his selfless passion for the clients was his driving force, and that is felt in all the comments we have received.  Many of the lawyers that had once called to complain have subsequently referred their family members and friends to Mike for legal work.  Likewise the children of the claims adjusters and management personnel that Mike held to the fire everyday have been referred to Mike by their parents  for assistance with legal problems.He really cared, he was a fearless warrior, and his clients trusted him unconditionally.  They got that service from him.

Mike was a complicated person, he had a vast area of interests and friends outside the Commission and his legal work. He was a music buff, history aficionado and mentor to a host of troubled souls.  He often served up his own home as a way station for those who needed to get back on their feet.  His volunteer work, his sitting on boards and of course his never ending work on behalf of workers and unions is well told.  Not as well known, and most importantly, he has 2 sons Alex and Murphy, and he invested his energy into them at every opportunity.   Of course, his lovely wife Cheryl had been with him and put up with him since College, moved to North Carolina and then Chicago from their original home in California,  and in the end cared for him tirelessly right down to protecting Michael’s wishes on how he should live. She was his rock as he was a rock to others.

We lost our  best friend, our mentor,  and our law partner. It was a real crushing blow. Your kindness and understanding and inquiries remain supremely appreciated, more than you know. We have and will continue to carry on Mike’s memory here for the working people we represent and fight for every day, and for the lives we lead. We have gathered strength from Mike’s memory, and it will sustain us in those bareknuckle fights  that Mike would revel in. Fights that he would win, and fights that we will continue to win in his memory.

Help someone today in Mike’s honor.  May his memory be a blessing.